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Undergraduate Acupuncture Courses in the UK

acupuncture booksThere are numerous options for you to consider if you are thinking of taking an undergraduate acupuncture course in the UK. However, there are several things to bear in mind before making your final decision.

What You Need To Consider When Choosing An Undergraduate Acupuncture Course

There are several important factors to consider when looking at course options and institutions:

  • Type Of Course - Is the course a degree or a diploma course?
  • What style of acupuncture is taught by your chosen institution?
  • How much of the course is classroom based and how much is taught practically?
  • Is the course accredited by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board (BAAB)?

Visiting the BAAB website is the best way to find a list of institutions that offer accredited acupuncture colleges together with information about the types of course they provide and their content. Here we outline some of the UK's best institutions for studying acupuncture.

International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM)
ICOM is the oldest institution in the UK for studying acupuncture. Based in East Grinstead, they offer a BSc (Hons) course over 3 years full time or 5 years part-time that is fully accredited by the BAAB. The college ensures that all styles of acupuncture are taught, however there is an emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture training at ICOM is given in small groups to guarantee a high level of personal attention and support. Graduates leave the college fully trained and experienced in both the theoretical and practical skills of acupuncture. Students receive both academic and practical experience, with an internship being an integral part of the final year.

Northern College of Acupuncture (NCA)
Based in York, the Northern College of Acupuncture offers a BAAB accredited BSc (Hons) course that can be studied full or part time. As the only Northern training institution, their teaching methods are based in Chinese medicine and are a combination of class based study, home learning and practical experience. Students learn about the theory and philosophy of acupuncture as well as how it ties in with Western medicine. They also receive a grounding in business and marketing skills.

College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM)
CICM, based in Reading, offers a BAAB accredited BSC (Hons) course that is based on a unique style of acupuncture that combines Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture with traditional Chinese Medicine. The full time course can be studied during weekdays or weekends over three years, and offers a year of clinical practice in the third year that consolidates all learning. The course is equally divided between practical experience and academic study.

London's Southbank University
Offering a three year full time BSc (Hons) BAAB accredited course, students will be taught by both Chinese and UK practitioners. Throughout the course, students will study in the classroom and receive practical hands-on experience in the university's training clinic with the opportunity to undertake an extended clinical placement.

University of Westminster
Offering a 3 year full time BAAB accredited BSc (Hons) course, the University of Westminster offers students practical learning in their on site acupuncture clinic where they focus on Chinese medicine. Students undertake an NHS clinical placement and undertake practical training throughout all three years of the course as well as undertaking classroom academic teaching.

College of Naturopathic Medicine
This London based college offers a BAAB accredited diploma course with 400 hours of practical clinical experience for an excellent grounding in acupuncture. The course is taught part-time at weekends and is completed within 3 to 5 years. Acupuncture at this college is taught in conjunction with other naturopathic subjects such as nutrition, homeopathy and iridology.

Lincoln College
Offering a BAAB accredited BSc (Hons) course over three years of full time study, Lincoln College offers a programme during which students combine academic and practical study to develop a rounded understanding of acupuncture. Students study the theory of Chinese medicine and participate in clinical observation as well as undertaking practical experience.

The Acupuncture Academy
Based in Leamington Spa, the Acupuncture Academy offers a three year Professional Licentiate in Acupuncture that is accredited by the BAAB. Based on the Five Element tradition, their course also covers traditional Chinese Medicine. The course comprises class based study, e-learning from home and a six month clinical practice for one day a week during the third year.